Are you scared?


What scares you?

I had a dream last night. I dreamed that the world stopped, not turning anymore, it was floating in the universe. I was at home, but there were no doors, no windows. I was in the living room running not going anywhere. Like an hamster on the wheel. My body was on fire. I was trying to make the floor slide under my feet, so that the apartment could move with me and with it the entire building as well and with the building the block and then the city and Country and the continent until the all world starts moving again. But I couldn’t.

It was just a nightmare

What if happens for real?


That the world stops out of the blue. What if happens?

The time would still exist.

But if I’d be locked in the living room like in my dream? All I could be done is...


Run like an hamster

No, nothing would change. There should be one solution only.


Open your mind

I don’t want to wonder for ever, I want to get out.

You will but you have to go further

Like what?

Going beyond the suspended space

How could I do that?

Just catch up with time

I was running indeed

But you can’t move the world by yourself

And if we all run? If we all make the floor slide under our feet?

Then maybe the buildings would move and with the buildings the blocks as well, then the cities then the countries then continents until the all world starts moving again.

I will tell everyone


Not to be afraid.



The idea of “Gallerish” was born from an ordinary living room.

In such an unusual time we are living, the future is the main concern. We keep asking ourselves “How it will be?” , “What next?”, “ Where do we all end up?”. As artists, we asked ourselves about the future of art and culture. Museums, theaters, auditoriums are closed with yet no directions on when everything will go back to normal again.

Fear is as huge as the desire to go back into the game.

What should we do then?

In other words, it is a gallery.

Insomma una Galleria, ma che Galleria esattamente non è.
Or, even better, a Galler-ish.