– by GERETS –

Two worlds - and I come from the other one

Projections on naked back 

Behind and inside 
Drenched streets 
Behind and inside 
Fog and tearing 
Beyond chaos and rationality. 
Tiny doors and hard leather curtains. 
The threshold ,here, is not between worlds 
But opening key that doesn’t close. 
It is the effective cut 
Sharper than the double blade 
Until the separation. 
Two worlds - and I come from the other one 
The world hidden to the world 
The world unknown to the world

Inspired by “La Lunga Strada – Reloaded” di Monika Barth

No input, no output.
If you don't put stuff in, nothing will come out.
People, feelings, emotions, yearning, pleasure, randomness, chatter, cinema, television, technology, eros, aggression, sweetness, photographs, books, travel, newspapers, magazines, blogs, words on the walls, road signs, obituaries, spellcasters of snakes, the jungle, the forest, the sea, letting go, losing control, art exhibitions, train schedules, work, sports, spirit, science, everything.
Everything to do.
Everything to imagine.
Everything to mix.
Everywhere always.
Become the tiger.
Become Gallerish.


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