– by GERETS –

Sound of the border

Follow with your ear the humming and its metal voice fading away.

The greatness of the sound design that was created in the air, the invisible twirls that were produced, the pleasure or even the annoyance.

And beyond hearing, touch.

And then the sense of smell: with the fumes of the mixture of air, oil and sulfur.

And the taste: the almost alcoholic and burning taste of gasoline.

And finally the view,

anticipated by the imagination.

Snake charmers.

The Pushkar fair.

The desert.


Wait for his shadow to come out - when you come back.

Inspired by: Elio Mandara

No input, no output.
If you don't put stuff in, nothing will come out.
People, feelings, emotions, yearning, pleasure, randomness, chatter, cinema, television, technology, eros, aggression, sweetness, photographs, books, travel, newspapers, magazines, blogs, words on the walls, road signs, obituaries, spellcasters of snakes, the jungle, the forest, the sea, letting go, losing control, art exhibitions, train schedules, work, sports, spirit, science, everything.
Everything to do.
Everything to imagine.
Everything to mix.
Everywhere always.
Become the tiger.
Become Gallerish.


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